3D-COAT 3.3.04 Linux

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3D-COAT 3.3.04 Linux

Voxel sculpting allows you sculpt without any topological
constraints and make complex details from nothing! You can change
topology as you wish. This approach gives you an absolute feeling
of freedom in sculpting. It is not based on surface deformation but
on volume building and filling. Feel like a true artist here, don't
think about polygons and structure, just express yourself as an

Per pixel painting fast and precise painting approach. Allows
layered color and displacement painting over low-poly and high
poly-meshes without initial geometry distortion. With this method
you can paint directly on your mesh to a texture map, this is ideal
for low-poly game assets. You can import a normalmap to use as a

Improved retopology tools. New cap tool allows you to fill holes
and finish retopologization of tails or ends of fingers with just
one click!

Improved interface. We present new professional customizable
interface. Layout is broken on several separate rooms. Each room
has own hotkeys set and dockable panels. You can easily store your
interface layouts.

Improved UV-mapping tools. You can move/rotate/scale individual
uv-islands, automatically or manually pack them.

Possibility to render your scene with antialiasing, depth of field,
ambient occlusion and soft shadows.

Customizable scene background you can use gradient, picture,
panorama as a background. Reference image can be attached to any axis.


Linux build download link If you will export low poly mesh with this option 3D-Coat will "sharpen" mesh in so way that in your 3.3.04 [beta]
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Voxel sculpting permits you firm up which has no topological constraints and make challenging data out of very little! You may change topology as you like.
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3D-COAT 3.3.04 Linux
3D-COAT 3.3.04 Linux
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