Anno Dracula by Kim Newman ePub Mobi eBook

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Anno Dracula by Kim Newman ePub Mobi eBook

A brilliant, ambitious new novel speculates on Dracula's survival.
Set in Victorian England, this chilling tale wonders, "What if Count
Dracula didn't die via the stake, but managed to become an adviser to
the Queen? And what if Jack the Ripper was in reality none other than
Bram Stoker's hero, Jack Seward, killing off vampiric whores?"

As Nina Auerbach writes in the New York Times, "Stephen King assumes
we hate vampires; Anne Rice makes it safe to love them, because they
hate themselves. Kim Newman suspects that most of us live with them...
Anno Dracula is the definitive account of that post-modern species,
the self-obsessed undead." In this first of what looks to be an
excellent series, Victorian England has vampires at every level of
society, especially the higher ones, and they engage in incessant
intrigue, power games, and casual oppression of the weak--activities,
as we know, that are all too human. Numerous characters from literature
and from history appear in both major and cameo roles. Spectacular fight
scenes, stormy politics, and a serial vampire killer keep the action
lively. A scholarly bibliography is included

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Anno Dracula by Kim Newman ePub Mobi eBook
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