JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 4.5.1 for Linux and Mac

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JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 4.5.1 for Linux and Mac

TeamCity is a distributed build management and
continuous integration system that allows your team
to run and monitor your software building process
while improving team communication, productivity and
the integration of changes. With TeamCity:

* the process of integrating changes becomes a core
* integration problems are discovered even before
* you are notified only about the events you are
interested in,
* the process of creating builds is quick and

TeamCity's basic unit of work is a software build.
To build your software using TeamCity, you need to
have at least one "Build Agent" - a build computer
with a set of predefined parameters (such as system
and environment variables, JDK version, etc). The
build agents are arranged into a build grid. Each
software build, in turn, has its own configuration -
a set of actions and parameters specified for it.
These include the build runner, build schedule, etc.
The build agent must meet the builds configuration's
requirements: if there is a free build agent that
meets the build configuration requirements, the
build is started. Otherwise, the build is put into
the queue and is processed when a compatible build
agent becomes free.

Have a "10,000-foot look" at TeamCity, and the
IDE's, frameworks, version control systems and means
of monitoring it supports.

JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 4.5.1 for Linux and Mac
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