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18th April 2011 Collection PDF eBooks

His Teddy Bear by Eve Langlais

Teddy, who is ironically enough a bear shifter, has finally found her
mate. There.s one big problem though. He doesn.t like what he sees.
Reece never imagined his chosen mate would be a woman with extra curves,
but all it takes is one taste to realize the benefits and turn his world
upside down. Their arguments are many, their lust for each other fiery,
but while he.s ready for the next step, Teddy keeps running. What will
it take to win her trust and heart? And an even better question; will
they ever make it to a bed?

Claiming Kristen Sea Island Wolves 3 by Jenny Penn
[#382 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Menage a Trois
Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, sex toys] Kristen Jakob knows better than
to cross into Covenanter territory, but she isn.t planning on being
caught. Jakob and Kort Nickel instantly recognize Kristen as their mate,
and they don.t care if they have to trespass into Narin territory to
catch her.Big, dangerous and unrepentant about doing whatever is necessary
to win, Jakob and Kort break every rule in their quest to claim Kristen.
She plans on making them pay for that, but first Kristen has to figure
out a way to resist them.

Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men - Raw Texas Heat 1 by Kayla Knight
[#383 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance,
M/F/M, sex toys] Rugged Texas billionaire oilmen Jake McKenna and Brody
Quinn head off into the mountains of Montana for a well-deserved month-
long vacation. There.s plenty of good hunting and fishing around the
isolated ranch house to keep them occupied. Things heat up when they
decide it.s far more exciting to hunt their beautiful personal assistant,
Taylor Matthews, instead. Brody and Jake are Alpha males and very demanding.
Still hurting from a recent break up with a long-term boyfriend, Taylor
has no intention of making it easy for the temptingly rich and very
attractive oil barons. But what.s a girl to do? Just fantasize about the
two gorgeous guys she works for? Or enjoy all they have to offer?

Claiming Their Mate Pack Seduction by Stacey Espino
Carna and her sisters carry the last of the royal blood. Every male
shifter in the world craves to mate with one of the elusive princesses
to secure their place in history. Only royal blood will ensure the
continuation of all shifter species. Although she may be the heir to
future generations, Carna wants no part in a forced seduction. She's
independent and wants to make her own choices, and mate for love, not
out of necessity. Carna and her sisters split up and go into hiding, but
not for long... When a rogue group of shifters captures Carna and insists
she choose one of them as her mate, she puts up the fight of her life,
escaping into the forest. Once on the run again, she quickly learns that
running and hiding are taking their toll on her. She needs to settle down
and why not with one or more of the sexy men begging for her affections?
But can she find love amongst all the chaos?

Mating Instinct Possessive Lover by Charlie Richards
Sorry, humans, but you.re not the top of the food chain anymore.
Gavin.s a werewolf. A predator. And humans are prey, their flesh
containing an enzyme werewolves need to survive. Each full moon, Gavin
uses his supernatural strength, smell and hearing to create a methodical
approach to hunting, which keeps him safe from being captured by the
police. When he discovers his mate, a sex drive that.d gone dormant
decades ago reawakens, distracting him and creating disastrous upheaval
to his orderly life. Can Gavin not only seduce Brooke, the daughter of
the profiler brought to town to hunt him, but convince her to accept
her place as his werewolf mate?

Naked - Beautiful Liars 2 by Ashley Brooke
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, with M/F/M elements,
spanking, exhibitionism] Sia is forced to play the role of a temptress to
seduce the man the Crane crime family has been seeking to destroy.
The only problem is he.s in an alliance with Taylor, a man Sia has been
loving with both her heart and body. She tries desperately to avoid his
unyielding passion with the desire to stay loyal to her first love,
Carrington Marino. When Carrington and Sia are called to Moscow to
investigate the Cranes, they try desperately to unveil the mystery of
the motives and strategies of their enemies. They must also avoid being
found out as lovers. One woman. Two men. Three lives, and one life must
end. Who will Sia choose to sacrifice when death comes knocking at her
door? Carrington, Taylor, or herself?

Taming Jenna - Sequel to Saving Grace by Stacey Espino
[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, BDSM, sex toys]
Jenna can outride and outshoot any of the cowboys on the Wagner ranch. She's
content to live invisibly amongst the ranch hands, hiding from a past she
can't accept. When Trevor and Conner find out her carefully guarded secret,
Jenna's life turns upside down. She gives in to the rugged, sexy cowboys
and explores her sexuality in new and unconventional ways. When the lust
fades, can she handle committing long-term to Trevor and Conner?

Wild Fascination - A Bride for Eight Brothers 3 by Abby Blake
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Sci-Fi Menage Romance, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M]
A woman from Peter's past is back to stir up trouble, so Ryan and Ty take
their wife to Earth for a quick holiday. When Mikayla learns of the legal
action against Peter, she insists on standing beside her man. Trouble is,
that's exactly where Peter's ex-fiancee wants her. Meanwhile, Lachlan,
Brock, John, Matt, and Bryce are setting up the research base on a new,
uninhabited planet. But there's something strange about this place, and
it only gets worse when Mikayla arrives. Can they identify the source of
the problem before their fascination becomes a danger to the woman they
all love?

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18th April 2011 Collection PDF eBooks
18th April 2011 Collection PDF eBooks
18th April 2011 Collection PDF eBooks

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