ACD Systems FotoSlate 4.0.21

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ACD Systems FotoSlate 4.0.21

FotoSlate 4 is the easy-to-use digital Photo Print
Studio for home users, photographers, and enthusiasts.
Print photos in popular sizes including 4x6 and 5x
Make print sheets, albums, calendars, and greeting
cards using your personal photo collections. Use
templates or create your own. Save time and money with
helpful wizards.

FotoSlate 4 was made for you.

It guides you through your photo print projects in
flash, putting you on the fast track to creative photo
calendars, photo albums, contact sheets, CD and DVD
covers, and even T-shirt transfers.

Expect the best: productivity, performance, and
creativity at mach speed.

FotoSlate 4 meets your every demand. It can be us
as calendar software by day, greeting card software by
night, and offers simple scrapbook-style photo album
templates for those who want to feed their creative

Save time and money while improving your workflow by
leaps and bounds. A cinch to use, it prints photos in
popular sizes including 4x6 and 5x7. Plus, you can
easily print multiple photos on the same sheet, saving
your precious photo paper.

Swiftly print sheets and photo albums, create
calendars from your digital photos, create photo
greeting cards, or whip-up simple brochures and
contact sheets - hassle free. You have the freedom to
construct your own pages with individual flare and
print low-resolution pictures with greatly improved

Handle hundreds of images at once, or produce
high-quality final prints directly from FotoSlate 4.
Create calendars, simple scrapbooks, and brochures
directly in FotoSlate 4 as an alternative to using
expensive design software.

FotoSlate 4 has brilliant calendar, greeting card, and
photo album wizards that reduce your workload and
streamline your workflow. Use them to create
customized calendars with special holidays included,
contact sheets with handy thumbnail previews of your
photos, and greeting cards with illustrated borders.

Jam-packed with all the customizable templates you
need, FotoSlate 4 prints to a variety of popular paper
sizes. Print lots of photos on one page. Or, print
photos with or without margins (on printers that
support printing to the edge of the page).

Catalog a picture photo shoot into contact sheets in
no time. Alter page templates with your own design
ideas, or create your own page from scratch to
maximize creative output. Re-use project pages with
different photos when you're short on time.

FotoSlate 4's many intelligent features make your
printing truly professional.

For Home Users...

Quickly produce stunning, frame-worthy digital prints
of your most cherished and memorable digital photos.
Use the wizards to help you create family calendars
using your favorite photos.

Calendars make excellent personalized gifts, and can
be hung on your wall or fridge. They're a great wa
feature your own digital photos, starring you and your
family. Plus, FotoSlate 4 gives you the ability to
add standard and personalized holidays with local
settings for language and country, so you can include
birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days in
your calendars.

FotoSlate 4 is right for any occasion. Having a
birthday party, anniversary, wedding, or office
get-together? Just pull together some of your digital
photos, style them up in FotoSlate 4 and print a
greeting card invitation that looks and feels store

Create eye-pleasing collages of family events in no
time at all, without having to buy expensive desig
software. Simply use the improved Page Designer to
create stunning collages pieced together from your
personal photo collections. They make great year-round
gifts for colleagues, friends, and family.

Want to make a great-looking cover for that mixed CD
you recently burned for a friend? No problem. Work
with much improved templates to create stylish
customized CD covers at a fraction of what it would
cost to have them done professionally.

For Tech Savvy Photographers...

No fuss, no muss, superior results, all at top speed -
that's the ACD FotoSlate 4 Photo Print Studio

Instantly add speed to your digital photo printing
process with FotoSlate 4's range of templates. Get
accurate color prints with ICM 2.0 and ICC color
profiles. Plus, the ingenious FotoSlate 4 Paper Saver
will make a complex print job easy by automatically
fitting as many pictures as possible onto a page. For
added convenience, you can print multiple photos o
the same photo many times on a single page.

Improve the quality of low-resolution digital photos
with just the click of a button, thanks to FotoSlate's
"Clear IQZ" digital image resampling technology. Plus,
re-use existing projects for maximum efficiency and

Easily create index prints by linking pictures to text
that appears beside it. Each time you add photos to
the page, FotoSlate 4 automatically places the text
you specify, such as photo metadata or a filename,
beside the designated photo.

For Digital Photo Enthusiasts...

Take any image or text and rotate it to add creative
depth to your projects.

Stylize your pictures by "cutting" them into
different shapes for variety and visual appeal.
FotoSlate 4 offers new shapes such as 5-point star,
heart, ellipse, and circle in the preset shapes
drop-down list in the Image Properties dialog box.

Save your projects in PDF format, which automatically
compresses your files for easier, glitch-free storage.
Having access to this universal file format makes it
easier for you to share your project across platforms
or over the Internet.

Use the convenient Sort Thumbnails option under t
View menu (which supports the most common Windows
sorting options: Name, Size, Type, and Modified) to
sort through your images in record time.

Create photo album pages with captions and
specialized fonts.

Add text with drop shadows to your projects.

Re-order the pages in a project using the simple drag
and drop operation in the Page List control. Page
labels appear in an easy to understand enclosing
rectangle and can be "grabbed" to select your desired

Frame your pictures before printing with
super-stylish templates included for free.

For added convenience and speed, duplicate your pages
within and across projects with handy copy and paste

Save your valuable photo paper and printer ink with
FotoSlate's smart Paper Saver wizard.

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ACD Systems FotoSlate 4.0.21

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