AMG Black II Black (2 cds) for Mac

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AMG Black II Black (2 cds) for Mac

Each CD also include the exclusive Black II Black Sample Schools. These are selections
of sounds that are used to produce a track in a particular genre. All the samples used
to create the track are there, and you can substitute sounds from elsewhere on the CD
for those used to give an equally authentic, but different sound. If the track sounds
like the type of thing you are aiming for, then these samples will be a great shortcut.
Volume 1 features Reggae, Ragga, and Swing Schools, Volume 2 features Jazz House, Euro
House, Mad House, Slo' Jamz, Gangsta Rap, and Swing 2 Schools.

More info on the Producer
Steve & Joe are veterans of the UK soul scene. The Cool Notes achieved chart successes
during the eighties. They signed for PWL but the plan to 'sell soul back to the Americans'
never came to fruition. They have however taken time out to produce and remix for the
new breed of UK dance acts and are in the process of relaunching their careers again as
The Cool Notes.

Format Information
GENERAL - Akai S1000 CD-ROMs work with not only the S1000 and S1100 but many other hard
and software samplers that support the format too such as the EXS24, Reason and many
hardware samplers. If you're not sure check if your sampler supports S1000 format AND
exactly how well, it varies and a native format is always preferable if available.
PRODUCT SPECIFIC - This CD-ROM features all the drum and performance loops sliced up in
programs that you can load and either play each slice as it is mapped across the keyboard
or use the supplied MIDI Files to re-create the original loop and edit as you wish. This
is an extremely powerful system allowing you quick and easy loop editing. Non-performance
samples and full versions of the loops are also included in banks for quick auditioning
too if you prefer to work this way.

Both these CDs are packed full of sounds specially recorded for these CDs that whilst
being original have a very classic sound. Both CDs include sections devoted to:

Kickin' Jamz
Mid Jamz
Slo' Jamz
Garage/House Loops
Reggae Loops
M&C Loops
Percussion Loops
Stereo Vocal Blocks
Vocal Hooks
Additional Vocals
Bass Lines
Useful R&B Samples
Snares - M&C, Rare, Swing, 70s/Disco, 80s, R&B, Garage/House, Reggae, Ragga & Misc.
Bass Drums
Hats, Crashes, and Rides

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Each CD also include the exclusive Black II Black Sample Schools. These are selections of sounds that are used to produce a track in a particular genre. All the
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AMG Black II Black (2 cds) for Mac
AMG Black II Black (2 cds) for Mac

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