ARM PPC2002 programs and games collection

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ARM PPC2002 programs and games collection

Lexipedia 1.0 ARM PPC2002
The largest and most expansive reference work
in the history of human knowledge can now be
on your Pocket PC. Based on the Wikipedia
encyclopedia project, Lexipedia contains over
550,000 articles that are quickly and easily searched.
This massive tome requires a fair amount
of storage but it pays for itself by being
the go-to place for just about any reference
question you may have.

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man! Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

Classics, biographies, the plant and animal kingdom,
human history, music, bands, movies, business, military,
medical, it just goes on and on and on. Lexipedia includes
just the summary sections or beginnings of articles in order
to make the product a manageable size. A textually unabridged
version will also be available shortly as part of the same
product - it will just be an optional download at no further cost.

Requires a storage card with at least 222 MB free space.
I also packed the bigass setup.exe with rar and added
verification file.
All-In Hold Em 2.0 ARM PPC2002
Tournament Texas Hold 'Em Poker on your Pocket PC!
Play Limit or No-Limit!
Astraware Super Wild Wild Words 1.0 ARM PPC2002
Ready to rustle up some words?
Super Wild Wild Words is a Western-themed
combination of word search and hangman, based
on the popular PC and online game from
Astraware Super Wild Wild Words 1.01 ARM PPC2002
Super Wild Wild Words has two modes of play:
Normal mode where players race against the
clock to make as many words as possible before
the board fills up; and Bonus mode where extra
letters fall onto the play board as you make
more words.
Binoteq Shark Attack 1.0 Multilanguage ARM PPC2002
Binoteq Software is proud to announce that its long anticipated
title "Shark Attack. Poseidon's Anger" is released for PocketPC and PalmOS
The game features:
- 3 game modes (arcade, missions, campaign)
- 40 fascinating levels of increasing difficulty
- 5 Big Bosses
- unique gameplay
- incredible graphics and special effects
- multilanguage support (English, French, Spanish, Russian,Polish)
Citrumsoft Magical Gems 1.0 ARM PPC2002
The object of the game is to place each gem on the cell colored
thesame color as the gem itself. There are no impossible missions
andpuzzling tasks - this game is to relax and have fun. Try Magica
lGems now - and you will find yourself playing it again and again.
Citrumsoft MagicalGems 1.0 ARM PPC2002
MagicalGems is an addictive puzzle game with vivid
graphics, excellent sound and outstanding effects.
Concise Columbia Encyclopedia 2.0.2 ARM PPC2002
This edition of the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia
has entries specifically written and selected for the
short form nature of a quick reference guide.
Not just the first paragraph of a longer entry but
an edited and shortened version that gets the
key points across as a pocket reference should.
Conversely it also packs in the breadth and detail
needed to form a reliable learning and reference source.
ContactBreeze 1 0 16 ARM PPC2002
View and search your contacts directly from your Today screen
DinarSoft Handy Launcher 3.2 ARM PPC2002
HandyLauncher is a program that gives you a fast
and easy way for accessing your most used
programs, documents, images, files, ... anything.
With HandyLauncher you can launch the programs
that you like or use most with a simple tap on
your Pocket PC screen.
It uses only 70 KB of ram, and compatible with all
Pocket PC 2002/2003 devices.
Do Not Disturb 2.0 ARM PPC2002 PE
SMS auto-reply to unanswered Phone Caller.
Dry Gulch 1.0 ARM PPC2002

Take the role of Tom McAllister, a former Pinkerton agent, in
this adventure game set in the Old West. One day you receive an
odd parcel from your brother with a letter that simply reads: "In
trouble, get out to Dry Gulch as fast as ya can. - Sam." Now Sam
usually is the sort of bloke who says things simple-like, but you
do wish he included a little more information. Nevertheless,
inside the parcel are a map and a train ticket, which should come
in handy if you manage to even find this place. After taking the
one train that goes anywhere near Dry Gulch, you finally arrive,
and discover a run-down mining town with little in the way of
amenities. Visit the local saloon, interact with townsfolk, and
look for clues, as you investigate a mystery while trying to
stay alive yourself - and don''t forget to bring along your six-shooter!
Elements Interactive BV Quartz 2.1.1 ARM PPC2002
Combine four stones or more of the same color, watch out for the
black stones, clear all stones and move on to the next level. Use
the many different special stones to your advantage and try to
obtain the highest possible score!
HandyLauncher 3.2 ARM PPC2002
HandyLauncher is a program that gives you a fast
and easy way for accessing your most used programs,
documents, images, files, ... anything.
Jarosoft Seymour 1.5.6 ARM PPC2002
Seymour is an innovative application that allows
users to work better with their Pocket PC. By
giving the user the ability to view two
applications at one time, the user can easily
exchange information between them with less taps
of the stylus. Users can also "see more" at one
time because two applications are visible in
scrollable views rather than one.
Version 1.5.6
Fixed a problem with Facelift and its version of
the taskbar. The eyecon should now be viewable all
the time.

Jedisware Personal Touch Organizer 1.0 ARM PPC2002
Pocket PC Shopping List, Expense Tracker, Password Storage
Locke Corp Pocket Chess Timer 1.0 ARM PPC2002
A compact digital Chess Timer that can be carried around with your
Pocket PC. It is easy, straightforward and available to you
anytime you have your Pocket PC. This product is targeting simple
and straight forward. We accept no nonsense features that are NOT
practical in Pocket PC. To get the full version app, you need only
a registration key to unlock the greyed out functions. No need to
download again.
Locke Corp Pocket Chess Timer 1.0 ARM PPC2002
A compact Digital Chess Timer for Chess Champions.
MobileStream Mobile Jigsaw QVGA 1.21 ARM PPC2002
With Mobile Jigsaw you can generate as many your
own puzzles as you like, using not only classic
and curly shapes, but also free-formed figures.
Game features
8 preset images
Create your own jigsaws from any bitmap or JPEG
images - unlimited supply of puzzles

Omega One Journal Bar 3.3.1 ARM PPC2002 Retail
Get the latest weather, news, stocks, movie
times/reviews, TV listings and sports scores on
your Today screen. No wireless connection required.
PIToday 2.05 ARM PPC2002
Today Screen Plugin to display Appointments and
Task. Tighly integrated with Pocket Informant.
Phone Today 1.0.11 ARM PPC2002 PE
Phone Today is a Today Screen plugin which displays
the status of your connected GSM phone, or Pocket
PC Phone Edition device.
PocketBreeze 4.3 ARM PPC2002
View up to 30 days of appointments and tasks on
your Today screen
PocketWeather 1.00 14 ARM PPC2002
Automatically monitors the weather in up to six
different locations world wide and switch between
them on the Today screen Lights 1.0 ARM PPC2002
Connect all lights into the circuit to turn them on.
he task is simple, yet challenging!
Starting from very easy levels,
this game will be fun for everyone from
the little kids to the greedy crackers.
This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You've really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare

SBSH iLauncher 2.00 9b ARM PPC2002
Launch your software and documents from your Today screen
Spb Clone 1.0 ARM PPC2002 Retail
Spb Clone is an application that allows you to
clone and restore applications, files and registry
settings onto several Pocket PC devices.
Spb Diary 1.0 ARM PPC2002
Spb Diary is a feature-rich Today plug-in for
your Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.
This software is a powerful replacement for the
standard Today plug-ins for appointments and
tasks known to have poor functionality.
When using Spb Diary the most of actions related
to appointments, tasks and contacts can be
performed even without leaving the
Today screen at all.
Urban Myth 1.0 ARM PPC2002
Players' pop culture savvy is put to the test as
they judge whether more than 1,000 legendary stories
in six categories are fact or modern folklore.
Vanware Software anguard NET 3.0.0 ARM PPC2002
Vanguard.Net delivers everything you need to
better manage your sales when you're on the go.
Professional sales management made easy for
Manage your customers, products and orders
better than ever before with Vanguard.Net 3.0.
Bringing you powerful list views and detail views,
to help organise your sales data better than ever
Vis Keeper 2.1.1 ARM PPC2002
comfortable and safe storing of confidential data.
NEW in visKeeper 2.1
VGA awareness: Use briliant login pictures with up
to 480 x 542 pixels (without scroll bars) (Pocket
New readonly mode and locking function (Pocket PC)
Grid view has now horizontal scroll bars (Pocket
ClearType fonts for smoother text in the grid view
(Pocket PC)
Fixed scrolling problem in the tree (Pocket PC)
Better support of landscape and Windows Mobile
2003 SE devices (Pocket PC)

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ARM PPC2002 programs and games collection
ARM PPC2002 programs and games collection

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