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Autodesk Toxik is a new way of creating visual effects for film,
a catalyst to a new process of media creation. Toxik is a modular
software platform featuring integrated enterprise collaboration.

Designed for real-time interaction, whether playing back files or
manipulating a multi-layered 21K background plate in real-time,
Toxik offers film compositors the freedom to experiment. It offers the
ability to try new techniques and visualize the results immediately,
and ultimately the freedom to be more creative.

Created for multi-user collaboration, Toxik integrates a powerful
Oracle. relational database at its core that ensures constant
synchronization between all systems. Artists, technical directors and
visual effects supervisors can open and review the compositions other
artists are working on. Versions are tracked automatically and
compositions can be created on multiple systems while simultaneously
being linked together for centralized review and rendering.
With Toxik the entire facility can stay in synch.

Built for quality and creativity, Toxik offers a highly optimized
32-bit, high dynamic range imagery (HDRI)-friendly compositing
environment with a comprehensive set of creative tools including
tracking, keying, color correction and Reaction, a powerful new 3D

NB : Toxik requires an oracle relational database. somehow the db
can be d/l if you know where (no we wont give you the link)
for those who already have it or can access it, we decided to
release the toxic runtime, license server and api plugin only
For those who need the database , it is released as an addon
The Oracale DB is 600mb and over 3.2gb once installed.


Exercise 1 - Tasks and Presets 2:46. Exercise 2 - The Manage Data Task 3:49. Exercise 3 - Setting User Preferences 1:59. Exercise 4 - Setting Project
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