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Aptech GAUSS Linux

GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System
An easy-to-use data analysis, mathematical and
statistical environment based on the powerful, fast
and efficient GAUSS Matrix Programming Language.
GAUSS is used to solve real world problems and data
analysis problems of exceptionally large scale.
Program development and program execution are FAST!

The GAUSS Run-Time Module (GRTM) allows users to
distribute GAUSS applications that they have written
to people who do not have GAUSS. Developers
distribute a compiled file to end users along with
the GRTM. This is available with GAUSS at no extra

GAUSS Data Tool
GAUSS Data Tool is a stand-alone program for working
with GAUSS data sets. GAUSS Data Tool loads the
columns of the data sets into a workspace as vectors
where they can be transformed or modified using
simple intuitive statements. Data sets can also be
created by simulation using a variety of models,
e.g., probit, logit, GARCH, linear. A new version of
a data set can be generated where missing data are
replaced by single or multiple imputations from a
maximum likelihood extimation using EM algorithm.

GAUSS Engine
Add the SPEED and POWER of GAUSS to applications
written in C, C++, Java, VB or other development
environments that support C language API. The GAUSS
Engine is a dynamically linked library for compiling
and executing GAUSS programs from another
application. Data can be passed back and forth
between the GAUSS Engine workspace and the
application. Royalty-free distribution of your GAUSS
Engine applications is available.

GAUSSplot Professional Graphics
GAUSSplot professional graphics are now available!
GAUSSplot features a fully functional GUI that
allows you to make changes to your graph at the
click of a button. Take your graphics in GAUSS to
the next level with GAUSSplot!

Graphics Editor
The Graphics Editor is an add-on option available
for GAUSS that allows composition of graphics
documents interactively. Use the Graphics Editor to
enhance your graphics created with GAUSS!

GAUSS Applications
Pre-written, customizable GAUSS programs designed to
increase user productivity and extend GAUSS
functionality in the fields of statistics, finance,
engineering, physics, linear algebra, simulation,
risk analysis and more.

Third Party Applications
Related software programs developed by third-party
vendors. Many of these products are pre-written,
customizable programs written in the GAUSS
Programming Language, as well as tools and utilities
to get the job done, and get it done FAST!

Premier Support
Premier Support is an annually renewable membership
program that provides you with important benifits
including technical support, product maintenance and
substantial cost saving features for your GAUSS
System or GAUSS Engine software.


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