Barcode Maker 5.85

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Barcode Maker 5.85

Barcode Maker is used by thousands of companies around the
world every day and more and more companies get their copy
of Barcode Maker so that they also will be able to make
barcodes the easy way.

Barcode Maker has a list where you will be able to add
your products, so that you only have to fill in the
product information once and then you will be able to just
click on the product and the barcode will be made.

Each list can contain no less that 32,000 products, but
you will be able to have more than one list as they can be
saved individually and you will be able to merge one or
more lists as long as the total number of products in the
merged list isn't more than 32,000

If you already have a list of products and want to load it
into Barcode Maker you will be able to do so by converting
it into the *.BK2 file format used by Barcode Maker. In
the setup of Barcode Maker a "How to..." file is included
that shows how to convert a *.XLS (MS Excel) file to a
*.TXT file in the *.BK2 file format and how to load it.
Almost any file type could be converted to work with
Barcode Maker.

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Barcode Maker 5.85
Barcode Maker 5.85
Barcode Maker 5.85

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