Bentley speedikon Architectural 7.6.01

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Bentley speedikon Architectural 7.6.01

Our powerful 2D/3D CAD system for the construction industry. Available
as an application for AutoCAD and MicroStation as well as a stand alone
program for Windows, UNIX and Linux. Fast, powerful and integrated
construction tool for planning new buildings and documenting existing
structures. speedikon supports all of the planning phases from design
through inputting the construction data to detailed and works planning,
quantity take-off with QTQ transfer, and photo-realistic visualization.
The program works on the basis of a 3D building model with "intelligent"
construction elements, from which plan evalautions can be generated at
the touch of a button thanks to the speedikon display filter. technology.
In addition to facilitating work in all of the various disciplines
involved, the virtual 3D building model makes it possible to prepare
information for facility management, among other things.

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Bentley speedikon Architectural 7.6.01

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