Cimatron E 8.5.270 (1 cd)

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Cimatron E 8.5.270 (1 cd)

CimatronE Version 8.5 - Highlights Innovative Soutions for Tool Making and

Cimatron.s CAD/CAM solutions address the entire process.from quoting through
design, engineering changes, NC, and EDM programming to delivery.helping tool
makers and manufacturers deliver higher quality tools and products at lower
costs and shorter cycle times.

CimatronE Version 8.5 incorporates over one thousand product enhancements,

Cimatron.s concurrent engineering capabilities improve productivity and
collaboration and significantly compress product delivery times. Concurrent
design capabilities are built into Cimatron.s CAD applications, enabling
multiple users to simultaneously work on the same assembly and shorten the
design cycle. Starting with version 8.5, these concurrent design capabilities
are available throughout the entire Cimatron CAD product line.

Cimatron.s support for concurrent engineering extends beyond the design phase.
The integrated end-to-end design-to-manufacturing solution uses a single
database that provides complete associatively and enables multiple steps of
the design and manufacturing process to be performed in parallel.

Modified NC Setup Reports: Automatically-generated NC reports facilitate the
information flow between NC programmers and the shop floor, providing machine
operators with detailed information that includes the tool paths, procedures,
tools, and parameters for each job. Images and user-specific information can
be added to the reports, which can be presented either online or in print.

Automated Drill: New operations added to the Automated Drill application
include profiling of holes and threading cycles, as well as pocketing for
pre-drill preparation of difficult to drill areas such as slanted surfaces.
These operations can be integrated into the automated drill sequence and
reused from libraries to increase efficiency and accuracy.

5-Axis Production: CimatronE version 8.5 features new enhancements to the
5-Axis Production application, including spiral cut milling, 3-5 Axis
transformations, and advances in impeller roughing.

CADENAS PARTsolutions is now integrated into CimatronE 8.5, enabling tool
makers to shorten design cycles by incorporating ready-made CADENAS catalog
parts into Cimatron tool assemblies.

While the catalog functionality has long been available in Cimatron.s software,
the CADENAS catalogs place thousands of new standard components at the disposal
of Cimatron users, eliminating many of the manual and time-consuming steps in
the tool design process.

Creating intermediate binder blanking surfaces and unfolding the part on these
faces is one of the most challenging tasks in the die design process. In most
cases, accurate results can only be achieved after a laborious and expensive
trial and error process.

Based on a finite element analysis, Cimatron.s "blank on binder" enables the
user to perform this task and unfold freeform shapes onto a 3D geometry with
unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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Cimatron E 8.5.270 (1 cd)
Cimatron E 8.5.270 (1 cd)

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