DbWeigher 1.9

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DbWeigher 1.9

The DbWeigher is the software to compare MS
Access databases' schemas and synchronize them.

Key features:

* Databases comparison
* Visual representation of the comparison result
* SQL script generation to synchronize databases

MS Access is sometimes used as a database backend
in the web and desktop applications. Databases of
such applications are quite often changed. E.g we
creat a small web application which uses the MS
Access database and deploys it on the web server.
It works perfectly. Then we have a bright idea to
add new interesting functionality to the
application. These new features will entail some
changes in the database structure, so we need to
remember or record these changes to add them to
the server's database later.

Exactly for such cases the DbWeigher was created!
It allows to compare visually. It is not
necessary to keep changes in the head or record
them, just use DbWeigher. The changes are
highlighted by different colors, you will see
them at once.


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DbWeigher 1.9

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