Help And Manual

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Help And Manual

Help & Manual makes producing help and documentation a
pleasure. All the tools you need are at your fingertips
in a single intuitive environment, and the program
handles all the complex, technical aspects of the
process for you.

Instead of wasting countless hours "programming" your
help you can focus all your energy on actually writing
your documentation, so that all your working time is
productive time.

All the output formats supported by Help & Manual are
generated from the same project. This means you only
have to edit your help and documentation once. Forget
about the nightmare of "converting" your documentation
every time you change anything.

Help & Manual's working environment gives you all the
formatting and editing features of a modern word
processor, including dynamic styles and complex tables.

This is combined with powerful features for generating
and editing help and documentation files, including
full support for multimedia and complex modular

Your projects are displayed and edited with the same
hierarchical tree structure used by all Windows help
formats. The editor and content tree view are combined
in a single window. Editing topics and manipulating the
structure of your projects is fast and intuitive.

Single source is much more than just outputting exactly
the same information to different formats. Help &
Manual supports conditional and customized output
features that enable you to include variant content
versions for different output formats and purposes .
all in the same project, no post-processing is

Help & Manual handles all the complexities of help
formatting and generation for you, letting you
concentrate on the work of writing. But there is also
extensive support for power users and experienced help
authors. You can get under the hood and insert your own
HTML code, change the code the program uses to generate
your projects, manipulate topic and project templates
and more.

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Help & Manual is the award winning XML based help authoring tool to create Windows help files and technical documentation in print and PDF format.
Help And Manual

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