LOGINventory 4.1.14 BILINGUAL

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LOGINventory 4.1.14 BILINGUAL

Only a handful of companies could afford an effective management system for their network of PCs v through implementing expensive tools such as SMS, Zenworks, Altiris or PC-Duo. Many companies backed off v because of high cost of staff training and installation, and because of the price: $10,000 for the client licences for a network of 100 PCs running Windows 2000 or XP, and another five thousand Euros for server hardware and software. The mouse click away from this page could be your most-expensive ever: go elsewhere in search of a solution and you will face a bill of $15k - even though you have very likely already got the core elements of an alternative solution on your network, right here, right now. As you are aware, a PC Management system consists of the following components:
Software distribution
Remote Desktop
Hardware and software inventory
Licence management

Of these, the first two are already standard features of Windows v software distribution was first integrated into Windows 2000, and Remote Desktop came with Windows XP. In fact, the only thing you-re missing is LOGINventory: our hardware and software inventory tool, with included licence management capabilities. It-s been developed in line with our company philosophy: keep IT simple!

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LOGINventory 4.1.14 BILINGUAL
LOGINventory 4.1.14 BILINGUAL
LOGINventory 4.1.14 BILINGUAL

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