Siemens Solid Edge ST 100.0

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Siemens Solid Edge ST 100.0

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry
Automation Division and a leading global provider of product
lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, announced the
next big breakthrough in digital product development with
synchronous technology, the PLM industry.s first-ever history-free,
feature-based modeling technology, that provides users with up to 100
times faster design experience than ever before. Solid Edge with
Synchronous Technology is the most complete feature-based 2D/3D CAD
system available to the market today that combines the speed and
flexibility of direct modeling with precise control of dimension
driven design, to provide the fastest, most flexible design
experience possible.

Synchronous technology from Siemens PLM Software connects everyone
in the product lifecycle.and it connects them all without limiting
any of them. Connection without limitation. Freedom with coordination.
That.s how Synchronous Technology helps you innovate more.and makes
your design process up to 100 times faster.

With synchronous technology, you no longer have to choose between
constraint-driven or history-free modeling. You no longer have to be
a programmer to reuse a model. And you no longer need to worry about
using data from multiple CAD systems.

First-Ever History-Free, Feature-Based Modeling

The technology is the first-ever design solution that simultaneously
synchronizes geometry and rules through a new decision-making inference
engine. It accelerates innovation in four key areas:

* Fast idea capture: Synchronous technology captures ideas as fast as
the user thinks them, with up to 100 times faster design experience.
Designers can devote more time to innovation with new techniques that
provide the efficiency of parametric dimension-driven modeling without
the computational overhead of pre-planned dependencies. The technology
defines optionally persistent dimensions, parameters and design rules
at time of creation or edit, without the overhead of an ordered history.
* Fast design changes: The technology automates the implementation of
planned or unplanned design changes to seconds versus hours thorough
unparalleled ease of editing, regardless of design origination, with
or without the presence of a history tree.
* Improved multi-CAD reuse: The technology allows users to reuse data
from other CAD systems without remodeling. Users can succeed in a multi-CAD
environment with a fast, flexible system that enables them to edit other CAD
system data faster than they can in the original system, regardless of the
design methodology. A technique called .suggestive selection. automatically
infers the function of various design elements without the need for feature
or constraint definitions. This increases design reuse and OEM/supplier
* New user experience: The technology provides a new user interaction
experience that simplifies CAD and makes 3D as easy to use as 2D. The
interaction paradigm merges historically independent 2D and 3D environments,
providing the robustness of a mature 3D modeler with the ease of 2D. New
inference technology automatically infers common constraints and executes
typical commands based on cursor position. This makes design tools simple
to learn and use for occasional users, driving downstream use to manufacturing
engineering and the shop floor.

[LINK]: Siemens Solid Edge ST 100.0 x86. Сообщение vndl » Вс ноя 23, 2008 3:21 pm. Изображение [/b]Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens
Since Sep 2006 Siemens also offers a free 2D version called Solid Edge 2D is claimed to make certain CAD design activities up to 100 times faster.
Has a highly effective management of the memory subsystem with an extremely well placed. , discount Siemens Solid Edge ST 100.0 to the value 128 digits for
You must know that tho I am olde, buy Siemens Solid Edge ST 100.0 I have always loved ye ffrench for their goodness, but they should have given us to kill
Siemens Solid Edge ST 100.0

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