Stash Issue 29 (1 dvd)

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Stash Issue 29 (1 dvd)

The perfect way to knock yourself out of the February blahs,
Stash 29 is an inspirational, offbeat and unpredictable collection
of animation, VFX and motion design guaranteed to get both sides
of your brain firing on every available cylinder.

Highlights include the epic and quasi-hallucinatory .Meta7. from
Nanospore for Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo (on the cover), the
newest Halo 3 extravaganza from Joseph Kosinski and Digital Domain,
Lobo's .Onesong. video for Skank, two new Signature series IDs
from artists Chris Yormick and Nathan Riefke for Fuel TV, the new
.Like a Pen. video from director Andreas Nilsson for The Knife and
the spectacular new .Samurai. short film for GE from Three Legged

The BONUS FILMS this issue are a curious collection of three
experimental shorts . including .Tournis. from A-list spot director
Francois Vogel . that ignore or happily abuse the boundaries of
conventional film making.

Your BONUS MUSIC tracks on 29 are all from the fine people at New
York indie label Scatalogics Records and include infectious fare
from Ulysses, The Alpha Male, Gerry Todd, Todd Sines and Italo-
disco legend Alexander Robotnick.

Stash 29 is overflowing with international talent you may have
never heard of but will want to keep an eye on. Watch for fresh
new work from up and coming studios like Aixsponza from Berlin,
Furia Digital from Madrid, Nomoon and SL Co from Paris, Gravity
from Tel Aviv, and directors Marcelo Garcia from Brazil, Sean
Wainsteim and Mike Weiss from Toronto, Elena Wen and Wes Richardson
from New York, Erica Akerland from London, Christina Seresini from
Milan, Rimantas Lukavicius from Lithuania, Xavier Chassaing and the
director/animator team of Mathieu Wothke and Frederick Bonpapa from
Paris and the brave souls at Alt TV in Auckland.

Of course the established, legendary and newly influential names
you know and love are here too including Buck for TV Land, Kyle
Cooper and Prologue Films for The Painted Veil, Ring of Fire and
Lebron James for Nike, Up the Resolution for Coldcut, Sherbet for
Irn Bru, National Television for Volvo and Lambo for Fuel TV.

February will never be the same.

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1, VideoStash 67 Podcast, Stash 67 drops 108 monstrous minutes of visual . 29, VideoStash 39 Podcast, Stash 39 is the last issue of 2007 but it's packed with
STASH DVD - The world's most outstanding commercial animation, VFX and motion graphics on DVD! STASH SIXPACKS VOLUMES 1-5: The convenient and cost effective way to catch up on back-issues and complete your Stash collection. From Stash Media: " The depth and diversity of the 29 animation, VFX and
The series reached #1 in the Nielsen ratings becoming the most watched In 1993, the episode "A Stash from the Past" was ranked #21 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All-Time. 9 DVD releases; 10 References; 11 External links For many years, Roseanne tackled provocative subjects and issues such as
Stash, the Monthly DVD Magazine of animation, VFX and motion graphics for Your adventure begins in Germany as we open this issue with three stunning Flash Web Templates Collections DVD 1 Beautiful Professional Video Motion 1
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Stash Short Films Vol. 1. With the likes of A Gentleman's Duel, Over Time, Gary and (one of my favourite clips ever) 1 DVD will hardly disappointed any of you.
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Shown entries: 225-232, Pages: « 1 2 27 28 29 30 31 80 81 ». Stash DVD Magazine Issue 02. Stash DVD Magazine Issue 02. ISO | DVD 720 x 480 | Dolby
Feb 29 2012 of the big TV shows years after the fact, on DVD (Firefly) or on Netflix (Arrested Development) or in syndication. Podcast – Episode #7 Feb 27 2012. Back Issue Bin to the Future: Batman (Vol. 1) #196
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Date: Thursday, 20 May 2010 07:29 PM Author: tatopeter Stash Issue 63 Stash, the Monthly DVD Magazine of animation, VFX and motion graphics for
Ford "Rollercoaster" featured on Stash Media Issue 44, May 2008. Teletoon "Summer 1" featured on front page of, Oct 2007. Kraft "Geyser" published on StashMedia DVD magazine, June 2007. . (Depth Of Field Generator PRO v1.2) distributed on Digital Camera Magazine CD, Issue 29, July 2005.
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Журнал для дизайнеров, клипмейкеров, артдиректоров и всех тех кто интересуется современными тенденциями в развитии 3D индустрии, видео и
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The video is included in Stash DVD Magazine Issue #58, Motionographer, IdN Nov 14 - onedotzero (wavelength 09) - Belfast, Ireland; Nov 25-29 - Protoclip May 1-9 - Fumetto - Lucerne, Switzerland; May 12-23 - Cannes Independent Film
Recently Published. Our work for Fuel TV was Featured in the May 2011 issue of HOW Magazine. LA Creators DVD Vol.1. Nowonmedia Stash DVD Mag.
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Stash Issue 29 (1 dvd)
Stash Issue 29 (1 dvd)

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