Stat-Ease Design-Expert 7.0.0

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Stat-Ease Design-Expert 7.0.0

Stat-Ease, Inc. is proud to announce Design-Expert,
Version 7. This major release includes dozens of
new features that increase the ease-of-use,
functionality, power and appeal of an already great
product. Once you try it, we think you'll be

Stat-Ease, Inc. is proud to announce Design-Expert,
Version 7. This major release includes dozens of
new features that increase the ease-of-use,
functionality, power and appeal of an already great
product. Once you try it, we think you'll be

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brochure. (dx7brochure.pdf.172KB)

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What's New in Version 7

Those of you used previous versions of
Design-Expert software will be impressed with the
many improvements in Version 7. Changes since
version 6 include:

What's New.The Highlights

Pareto chart of t-values of effects: Quickly see
the vital few effects relative to the trivial many
from two-level factorial experiments.

New .Color By. option: Color-code points on graphs
according to the level of another factor.a great
way to incorporate another piece of information
into a graph.

Right-click on any response cell and .ignore. it:
This feature allows you to ignore a response data
point without having to ignore the entire row.

.Screen tips.: Press the new tips button for
enlightenment on the current screen.this is
especially helpful for novice users.

3D surface plots for categorical factors: See
colored bars towering above others where effects
are greatest.

.Min Run Res IV. (two-level factorial) designs for
5 to 50 factors: Screen main effects with maximum
efficiency in terms of experimental runs.

.Min-Run Res V. designs for 6 to 31 factors:
Resolve two-factor interactions (2FI's) in the
least runs possible while maintaining a balance in
low versus high levels.

Two-level fractional factorials for up to 512 runs
and 21 factors: Build bigger designs than
ever-before possible.

On plots of effects simply draw a box around the
ones you want selected for your model: This is much
easier than clicking each one with your mouse.

Central composite designs (CCD.s) are now available
for up to 30 factors and 8 blocks: This represents
a significant expansion in RSM capability.

CCD.s are available that are based on the Min-Run
Res V fractional-factorial core: Take advantage of
a much more efficient design for larger numbers of

Box-Behnken designs are expanded up to 21 factors:
This popular RSM design previously was limited to
certain numbers of factors, but that is no longer
the case.

Crosshairs window: Predict your response at any
place in the response surface plot.

Full-color contour and 3D surface plots: Graduated
or banded colorization adds life to reports and

Magnification feature: An incredible tool for
expanding a mixture graph that is originally a
small sliver and difficult to interpret.

Mixture-in-mixture designs: Develop sophisticated
experiments for immiscible liquids or multilayer
films involving separate formulations that may

Add blocks D-optimally: This feature will be
especially useful for mixture designs, which
previously could not be blocked automatically.

Mixture design builder recognizes inverted
simplexes and constrained regions that benefit by
being inverted: This provides dramatic advantages
in the power for estimating model terms.

Points on 3D graphs: See "lollipops" protruding
from surfaces where actual responses were

Row(s) in the design layout are highlighted when
point(s) are selected on the diagnostics: The
highlighting feature makes identification of
problematic data much easier.

Numerical optimization solutions are now carried
over to graphical optimization and point
prediction: Explore the results of the numerical
optimization on other screens.

New Design Creation
Design-builder updates resolution of two-level
fractional factorials when the number of blocks is
changed: Immediately see how segmenting a design
might reduce its ability to resolve effects.

Block names are now entered during the design
build: Identify how you will break up your
experiment, for example by specific shift, material
lot or the like.

.Min-run Res IV plus two. option: Ask for two extra
runs to make your experiment more robust to missing

User-defined base factors for design generators:
You have more flexibility to customize fractional
factorial designs.

Expanded D-optimal capabilities.impose balance
penalty, force categoric balance: This feature
helps users equalize the number of treatments.

CCD.s offer new alpha choices of .Practical,.
.Orthogonal Quadratic. and .Spherical.: Develop
more control over where you put your .star. points.

Coordinate Exchange capability for D-optimal
designs: Avoid the arbitrary nature of designs
constructed from candidate point sets.

In General or Factorial D-optimal designs,
categorical factors can be specified as either
nominal or ordinal (orthogonal polynomial
contrasts): This affects the layout of analysis of
variance (ANOVA).

Simple ratios are allowed, for example: A/B, when
specifying multilinear constraints: This is
especially handy for mixtures with components that
certain stoichiometries.

Specify the same amount for low and high in a
mixture design: This is handy for keeping track of
fixed component levels.these do not appear in the
New Design Augmentation Tools
.Semifold.: In only half the runs needed by a
normal foldover, augment Res IV designs to resolve
specified 2FI's aliased in the original block of

Add center points, blocks and replicates without
rebuilding the design: This will be a real

New Analysis Capability
From Alias List, Pareto Chart or Effects Plots
views, right-click on effects to show aliases:
Never lose sight of what really is being measured
in fractional-factorial designs.

Select alternative aliased effects: Choose what you
think makes most sense based on your subject-matter

Backward stepwise regression is now applicable to
factorial designs: This is useful for quickly
analyzing general (categorical) factorials.

Means and standard deviations for all experimental
inputs (factors) and outputs (responses) are added
to the Design Summary screen: This provides a handy
assessment of your system.

The user can define their preference for sums of
squares calculations for both numeric and categoric
factors to be sequential, classical, or partial:
These distinctions are important for statisticians
who want to do ANOVA in specific ways.

Cox model option for mixtures: May be more
informative for formulators with a standard
(reference) blend to which they.d like to compare
more-optimal recipes.

New Diagnostics Capability
DFFITS: Spot influential runs via this deletion
diagnostic that measures difference in fits when
any given response is removed from the dataset.

DFBETAS: See from this deletion diagnostic how
model terms change due to an influential run.

Updated Graphics
Grid lines on contour plots: See more readily what
the coordinates are at any given point.

Select the details printed on flags planted on
contour plots: As a user you now can control this

Confidence bands on one-factor plots: Get a good
feel for the uncertainty in a predicted response as
a function of the factor level.

Color-codes for positive versus negative effects:
Assess plus or minus impacts on half-normal and
Pareto plots.

Smart tic marks: Get more-reasonably rounded
settings straight off.

Improved User Interface
Export the graph to a file: Save the graph as an
enhanced metafile (.emf) that can be inserted as a
picture from file to Microsoft Word and the like.

Set row status to normal, ignore or highlight: This
allows users control over their design matrix.

More Options for Design Evaluation
Annotation option on reports: This will be a boon
to those who may be unfamiliar with all the
esoteric statistics needed for design evaluation.

Customizable design evaluation content and power
levels: Use the OPTIONS button to select which
statistics to display, specific power levels to
report, and whether to display the standard error
or variance on the graph (with the option to scale
by N.the number of runs in the design).

Specify model terms to ignore so they don.t display
in the alias list: For example, don.t bother
showing interactions of four or more factors.

Evaluation can be done on either design or a
particular response: Shows the effect when data is
missing from a specific response, but not all

Expanded Help
Tutorial movies: See Flash demo.s of features via
Screen Tips.a very effective way to show how to
navigate through the software.

Internet links: These are helpful connections to
further information.

New Import/Export Tools
XML (eXtensible Markup Language) capability: Export
design files or reports in viewable format that can
be manipulated for further processing (The XML tool
also allows import of designs created externally).

Scripting capability: Run Design-Expert software in
batch mode so it can be tied into more
comprehensive lab-ware or used to cycle through
massive quantities of data, for example from
computer-based simulations.

Design-Expert® 7 for Windows—Software for Design of
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