T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering

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T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering

T-Racks 24 has everything you need to create superb, tube-toned masters
on your desktop. Its rich, warm sound starts with algorithms based on
true analog circuitry. Its familiar interface makes it easy to control
five powerful processors: EQ, compressor, limiter, soft-clipping output
stage, and a complete mastering suite. Enhances mix frequencies, stereo
images, dynamic range and gives your audio a seamless, top notch sound.
T-Racks 24 includes state-of-the-art 6 band Mastering EQ, tube modeled
stereo Compressor, multi-band Master Limiter, soft clipping output
stage, and studio mastering presets.
With its separate processors, astonishing warmth and ease-of-use, you'll
be putting a polish on your tracks you may have never thought possible.
All this, while adding the beautiful warmth and space of the tube
devices it emulates. No other plug-in offers this kind of dedicated
environment for such an important task and none sounds like T-Racks.

* 4 sound processors: with its great sounding, analog-modeled Equalizer,
Compressor, Limiter and the Soft-clipping output stage, T-RackS .
includes everything you need to create final masters on your Pro Tools.
* 24 bit capabilities: T-Racks 24 now supports 24 bit Aiff, Wav and
SDII files for importing and exporting.
* Specially Developed for Mastering: no other single software processor
sounds like T-Racks and none make mastering so easy. It can vastly
enhance mix frequencies, broaden the stereo image as well as boost or
precisely level the dynamic range. All this, while adding the beautiful
warmth and space of the tube-devices it emulates.
* Outstanding "Analog-Modeled" Sound: T-Racks' astonishing sound is
created with algorithms based on real analog circuitry. This is what
makes T-Racks sound so similar to real analog audio hardware, and so
unique when compared to other software. Click here to see what user
say about T-Racks' unique sound.
* High Order 32 bit Internal Resolution: with 32 Bit floating point
resolution, T-Racks uses the best possible method to physically model
analog components, resulting in an amazingly real tube sound. Only
without the noise!
* High Productivity, Ease of Use: not only does it sound analog, it
acts analog! T-Racks is so easy to use because its interface resembles
a typical rack of hardware with analog controls.
* Superior Quality: T-Racks has the best quality-to-price ratio of
any top-selling sound processor, is an incredible value and is an
indispensable mastering tool for any studio, be it pro or project.


* T-Racks 24 Equalizer
State-of-the-art six band parametric equalizer, modeled on classic
top quality analog gear;
4th order parametric, High and Low pass filters;
Parametric Low-shelving control;
Parametric Lo-mid control with Low or High "Q";
Parametric Hi-mid control with Low or High "Q";
Parametric High-shelving control;

* T-Racks 24 Compressor
Classic tube stereo compressor/leveler designed for mastering;
Vintage-style compression unit;
Classic warm "in-your-face" sound of old tube mastering levelers;
Very-soft knee compression with no threshold point;
Stereo-image width control;
Mastering-oriented variable time constants;
Comprehensive and accurate gain-reduction VU;
Ratio control;

* T-Racks24 Limiter
Multiband master stereo limiter;
Ultra fast peak detection;
Overload for accurate control of limiting and saturation;
Soft clipping feature for warm analog emulation;
Comprehensive gain reduction VU;
Very accurate peak LED indicators at the outputs;

* T-Racks 24 Soft-clipping Stage
Astoundingly musical and smooth performance;
Variable clipping shape (from hard clip to ultra-soft) for complete
control and precision;
Easily increase gain with no compression or limiting artifacts
(unless you want them!);
Create warm, saturated mastering effects;

* T-Racks 24 Professional Metering and Monitoring
Responsive analog VU's;
Ultra-fast and accurate pop-up digital peak meter with
hardware-like performance;
x10 switch on the peak meter makes very easy to evaluate
the level in the "critical zone";
"Over" LED precisely shows when the master has "overs";
Mono, stereo and difference monitoring to check the master for
mono-compatibility and stereo image coherence, like in high-end

* T-Racks 24 Other Features
High quality real time preview and processing;
Works on any standard stereo 16 bit and NOW 24 bit, WAV, SDII or
AIFF audio files, 44.1/48kHz;
32 bit floating point internal processing for amazing audio
resolution and true analog simulation;
Analog modeled animated interface;
Fade-in/fade out, loop and scrollable preview;
Time-line markers to facilitate the immediate recall/play of mixes;
Control snapshots to recall entire set-ups with just one click;
Graphical built-in help, extensive manual and tutorial;
Presets included;
Drag-and-drop text parameter list can be easily change the default
architecture of T-RackS. 24 to achieve the finest special settings;
Compatible with all popular audio cards;
8 NEW amazing "vintage" skins;


* T-Racks 24 System Requirements

PC: Intel Pentium III or Pentium IV system with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP,
512 MB ram,
1024 x 768 screen resolution,
high quality audio interface;

Mac: Power Mac G4 with Mac OS 9.2.2 or later,
512 MB ram,
1024 x 768 screen resolution, high quality audio interface.


Producer Mix & Mastering Effects/Hardware . with crystal clear transparency, for high quality audio processing throughout the Use them anywhere you need to tighten up a track, provide a little extra shimmer or roll off a bit of high end.
Created by Ratio: 1.02 fourwheeldrifter 6 years ago. Applications : Windows : English the awesome T-Racks software from IK Multimedia, Does exactly what it
This is because the individual tracks always remain separate, so that you're not when mastering, the stereo audio files of each track should be at 24-bit or
Unique for any mastering room: We use 4 separate Discrete Class-A analog If all 30 tracks were recorded with 24 bit audio on each track, that's 720 bits in all
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High Quality Online Audio Mastering and Restoration. The preferred format for accepting tracks for mastering is 24bit WAV or AIFF at 44.1KHz to 96KHz,
Channel 2 is connected to the computer's speakers, oem T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering and it produces simple rectangular pulses for generating sound.
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This is my short guide to getting the best out of your tracks when mastering them. highest bit and sample rate your audio software will support - 24bit/96Khz is
1 Track £16, (Approx €18, $26); 2 Tracks £30, (Approx €33, $49); 3 Tracks £42, you have read Preparing Your Audio For Mastering and all files are 16, 24 bit
Important Tips for Preparing Your Tracks for Audio Mastering then you should provide us with a stereo .wav or .aiff file at 24-bit/48kHz for mastering. Don't
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T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering. T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering Download Software. Saturday, July 14th, 2012. Author : jawtop. 0 views.
Most allow tracks to be sent for mastering via email, either one at a time or as restricted to 16 bits with CD Audio, so if you've recorded in 24 bit you'll have to
Jump to DP As Mastering Tool‎: Co-ordinating the many tracks that eventually form a finished Dithering to CD's 16-bit resolution, if your audio is at 24-bit.
Record these tracks at 24 bit, even if your recording is 16 bit. Burn those new stereo tracks onto a data disc. The mastering studio can then import those files as
The Tweak attempts to give you a perspective on 16 vs 24 bit audio Bit depth/sample rate, number of mono tracks, size per mono track, size per song, songs
I have just installed the demo of T-Racks 3 and ran it stand alone Forum Mastering Mastering Engineers Forum; Importing an Audio File into T-Racks 3 Am i bouncing it wrong? does it need to be 24bit with no dither?
Mastering creates a seamless whole out of a collection of individual tracks. To be fair, many PC's and Macs are equipped with 24-bit processing cards.
Compare Our Results To Other Audio Mastering Engineers. Make sure that none of your individual tracks in a mix are clipping on the track it's self or in a plugin. (If you recorded it at say, 48 Khz/ 24 bit, don't convert it to 16 bit or 44.1 Khz.)
Ideally the files will be at 24bit resolution. (In your digital audio workstation you will find that when you export / bounce your tracks you can
With the advent of high resolution digital audio, you now have options of delivering Many people are now mixing to 2 tracks of a 24 bit MDM (Modular Digital
We kill our young to aid his T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering gentleman who had at the honourably slain. Arthritis had slowed her and poor Jaeger and it'll be in
Of particular note: If you record and mix 24-bit audio, your mix could peak as low as Fading tracks in and out is not commonly understood to be the mastering
This 18-track V-Studio is loaded with 288 Virtual Tracks, 28-channel automated for easy data backup, creation of audio CDs and direct import of loops into tracks. Self-contained 24-bit, 18-track digital recording workstation with built-in channels); Onboard effects including cosm modeling, Mastering Tool Kit and more
Wondering whether it's worth having your tracks mastered? if you are recording and mixing at 24 bit 44.1kHz take this right through to the mixes for mastering.
Recording and mixing an album's worth of tracks is a big enough challenge, DVD-A also supports stereo file formats up to 24-bit/192kHz, but I don't know of
Hi, We are a professional digital audio mastering service for musicians and record 24bit (or 16bit if 24bit isn't possible), 44100hz and master output of -3 / 5 db Did you know that you can publish your tracks & favorites automatically to other
Mastering Audio is the final stage of music production before reach a printing plant or digital How to prepare the tracks to get a top level mastering? Maintain Work at 24-bit 96kHz if you can and save the song in “stereo”, .wav or .aiff format.
24 bit capabilities: T-RackS® 24 now supports 24 bit Aiff, Wav and SDII files for importing and Digital I/O audio card is needed for high-quality mastering.
Mix master in wav 44100 Hz, 24 bit format, optimized for mastering. Price: Audio mixing + mastering: $100 per track (discounts if several tracks) Audio mixing
We put the new version of IK Multimedia's analogue modelled mastering work with multiple audio files is also a real bonus, making consistent album mastering . Fast-forward to 2002 and T-RackS 24 gained much needed 24Bit file support.
Mastering typically works with the stereo 2 track audio files (the stereo in setting up the project, possibly in the case of a bulk delivery of tracks for stem mastering. The best format is a 24 bit .aiff or .wav file at the sample rate of your project.
Preparing Your Tracks For Audio Mastering Services. Choose 24 bit as there is little advantage choosing 32 bit for audio purposes.) In addition ensure that
CD Wave is a program designed to aid in CD-Recordable mastering. After this, you can write out the tracks as individual wave files and use any CDR mastering program to write a disc that has no Also supports 24-bit and surround audio.
Sage Audio offers affordable mastering studio rates and express services to Finished tracks are delivered as downloadable Redbook Standard 16bit or 24bit WAV Our mixing service includes both mixing and mastering of up to 24 tracks.
T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering. T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering Download. Saturday, July 14th, 2012. Author : baxtop. 0 views.
Mastering is one of the most important links in the chain of music production. . DD-12 subwoofers , all fed by the United Audio 2192 96Khz/24 bit D-to-A converter. The tracking engineer did his best job in getting the tracks recorded, the
Professional audio mastering Your tracks assembled onto a Red Book CDR, including UK shipping £20 stems can be supplied via file transfer service or via e-mail (CD-R) and must be supplied in 16 bit or 24 bit 44.1 kHz WAV format. Top
Start here to get your tracks mastered by our world-class mastering engineers. Mastering, Audio Mastering and CD Mastering from the online mastering network - Mastering World. Mastering World's 24-bit Archive Files: at £5.00 per track
Most DAWs can record 24-bit audio, but to ensure sufficient headroom, their mixers is no need to drop the signal levels feeding the mix bus from all the tracks. . bounced file as a 16-bit file ready for CD mastering, don't apply dither in your

T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering
T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering
T-Racks 24 Bit Audio Mastering

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