WM Capture 3.0

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WM Capture 3.0

Welcome to WM Capture 3.0, the worlds first high-speed on-screen
video recorder. With WM Capture, you can turn anything you see on
your PC's screen into a high quality video file you can play

WM Capture is especially well suited for recording:

* Copy Protected Video
* DVD's
* Streaming Web Cams and Video Chat
* Webinars
* Screen Capture Videos
* And any other video you can't capture.

High Quality Recordings

Capturing and compressing on-screen video in real time can
require a lot of your PC's CPU power. WM Capture is specially
designed for this task, as it uses special high quality MPEG-2
codecs that give perfect looking recordings of videos without
freezing up your PC.


To make it easy to capture a portion of your screen, WM Capture
can often automatically locate the region of your screen where
video will be played. Or, you can choose to mark an area of the
screen manually by moving markers yourself. Either way, setting
up your recording area is a snap.

Record ANY Online Video & DVD's

WM Capture is the only PC video recording program ever made that
captures video from any online source with perfect quality - if
you can watch it you can save it. It records video from ANY Web
site, regardless of format. It even records DVD's playing on your
PC. And because it does not circumvent or hack DRM (Digital
Rights Management) or any copy protection technology, it's 100%
legal world-wide.

Amazingly Perfect Picture Quality

Unlike other screen video capture programs which render choppy
videos, WM Capture uses a unique high speed capture technology to
create a near perfect reproduction of what you see on screen,
playable as a Windows Media Video file. Or, you can use our
proprietary MPEG-2 codec for even more outstanding picture

Other screen capture programs cannot process video data fast
enough to make acceptable videos. WM Capture's special design
uses the most advanced high-speed video processing technology,
and the results are amazing. Even the toughest video types like
full motion sports play back perfectly.

Super-Easy to Use

It's easy to capture videos by marking an area to record. Just
click Get Window, and then move your mouse over the region you'd
like to record, and it's highlighted automatically. You can also
mark a recording region manually to clip or extend the capture

Once you have a rectangle marked, just click the Record button,
and play a video to capture it. It's that simple!

* 8/8/08: WM Capture is the ONLY way to record the Olympics

System Requirements

* Windows XP-SP2, 2000, or Vista (Mac OK with Bootcamp or
Parallels installed)
* CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz minimum (dual core recommended)
* RAM memory: 512 MB or higher
* Recommended: Sound Card with a recording line (Stereo Mix,
Master Volume, Wave Out Mix, What U Hear or similar)

For More Info on WM Capture Visit:

Make professional quality videos from anything playing on your PC's display. Free trial.
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WM Capture 3.0
WM Capture 3.0
WM Capture 3.0

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