Mabry Gridx ActiveX v

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Mabry Gridx ActiveX v

Mabry's Grid/X ActiveX control provides functionality and
rnflexibility not seen in other grid controls. The rich object model
rnconsists of 20+ separate objects that make utilizing Grid/X's
rnfeatures easy and reliable.
rnThe following are some of the more important top-level objects found
rnin the Grid/X programming model:
rnViews - Grid/X provides multiple views of the data it manages. Views
rnmay be split either vertically or horizontally, and you may allow
rnthe users to resize, remove, and create new views as required. A
rnnumber of objects and properties may be used to customize the data
rnthat appears in views. And, unique to Grid/X, is the ability to host
rnActiveX controls in a View. The Grid/X tutorials show how to put
rnthis powerful feature to good use.
rnRowStyles - Each RowStyle object has a Condition property. A
rncondition is a Boolean expression that is evaluated for each row of
rndata before it is displayed. You may add multiple Styles to the
rnRowStyles collection. When there are multiple styles, each row of
rndata is evaluated relative to each Style until a match is found.
rnThen the matching Style object is used to determine how the row's
rndata is displayed.
rnGroupByBar - The GroupByBar object provides you with an easy way to
rnpresent hierarchical data. It maintains a collection of Group
rnobjects that determine the way that data is grouped. The GroupByBar
rnalso serves as a user-interface element. Using the GroupByBar, users
rncan organize hierarchical data as they require.
rnStatusBar - The Status Bar is displayed at the bottom of the Grid,
rnwhen visible. There are a number of properties that provide you with
rnthe ability to customize the StatusBar. For example, the Image and
rnImageAlignment properties make it easy to add an icon or other image
rnto the StatusBar. And the StatusBar.Style property provides complete
rncontrol over font, colors, and more.
rnLike other grid controls, Grid/X supports the following data modes:
rnUnbound - UnboundRead and UnboundWrite events are fired when Grid/X
rnrequires access to the dataset.
rnADO/DAO - ADO/DAO recordsets/data sources are used to supply data to
rnthe grid.
rnIn addition to those commonly seen data modes, Grid/X supports data
rnmodes and extensibility not seen in other grid controls.
rnObject - You can supply an Object as the data source for Grid/X. The
rnobject's properties are used as the data. Appropriate columns are
rncreated automatically.
rnCollection - Uses a Collection object as the source of data.
rnVBAdapter - This is one of Grid/X's most unusual and flexible
rnfeatures. Grid/X defines a COM Interface which you may implement
rnusing Visual Basic alone. Using the VBAdapter interface, you have
rncomplete control over the data accessed by Grid/X and can easily
rnprovide things such as calculated values for given cells, rows, or
rncolumns. The Grid/X tutorials show how easy it is to use this
rnextensibility feature.
rnGrid/X provides many other features - too many to describe here -
rnincluding OLE Drag & Drop, automatic mapping of column values to
rndrop-down box items, built-in edit controls such as text and
rncalendar, the ability for you to provide custom drawing for any or
rnall cells, and much more.

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