SpamCenter 1.5.NET

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SpamCenter 1.5.NET

Sirana SpamCenter is an end-user spam management
solution for the spam archives created by the
Exchange Intelligent Message Filter. When used in
conjunction with the Exchange message filter,
SpamCenter provides a complete, user-administered
antispam system designed for easy, low-cost
deployment and use.

SpamCenter's agents automatically add blocked spam
messages to a database. Users can securely review
these messages from a web-based application. Should
they find a message that was blocked in error,
users can release the message for delivery to their
inbox without administrator assistance.

Users can create personal Safe Sender lists and
Blocked Sender lists that automate the handling of
spam messages. SpamCenter also sends nightly email
summaries to users of their quarantine contents,
reducing the need to check the quarantine manually.

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SpamCenter 1.5.NET
SpamCenter 1.5.NET

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